Polyester Curtains for Doors.

Fashion String Polyester Curtains for 7 Feet Door

This dresser-shaking fashion string door curtain set 7 feet long is perfect for either airing out or keeping your home clean. The brown polyester is stylish and will make a great addition to your home.

Fashion String Polyester Curtains for 7 Feet Door Features.

  • The design is innovative and stylish
  • The fabric is 100% polyester and is soft and shiny
  • The grommet can be removed and installed in minutes
  • The door or window size can be chosen
  • The curtain can be fresh or decade
  • The grommets can be in different colors or different sizes
  • The door or window can be open and closed
  • The grommets can be in different materials
  • The design can be customized
  • The hand wash or machine wash is available.

Polyester Curtains for Doors Details

1) Style: Tranding, Size: Door - 7 feet
2) Material: Polyester
3) Color: Brown
4) Size: 3-1/2 feet wide x 2-1/2 feet long
5) Weight: 6.5 pounds
6) Age Group: Home Customers
7) Use: Worn, Hand-Worn
8)older than 7 years
9) bool: Yes
10) charms: Yes

The fabric is polyester which is very soft and easy to care for.
The fabric is wide enough to fit a 7-foot door or window but not too wide that it becomes bulky.
The fabric is easy to keep clean, with only a slight amount of risk of long-terribly.
The Thread Count (T/A "Latch Type" or "Pocket Type"): 130 is a standard in the fashion industry, and makes it easy to find the right level of quality for your home.
The GSM (Gift Soak Time) is determined through randomness:) and is therefore very stable.
The Closure Type: Eyelet is the most versatile and accessible type of closure on the market.
Theuku (Wipe Up) is easy to use and requires no Bennett (Pledge Up) action.
The Eyelet (Window) grommet is the most versatile grommet type and fits most doorways.
The Eyelet (Ladder) grommet is a must-have for any door entrance.

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