Which type of curtain rod is best, Wood or Metal

When it comes to decorating our home each one of us wants the best look and feel as the home is the one and only place where we relax after a busy and tiring day. The right combination of color, material, and design of components of the home like furniture, curtain, windows, etc. will give a wow factor to your home.

The same is with curtain rods that hold your curtain. Choosing the right rod can enhance the beauty of the curtain as well as the place where you use the curtain be it the window, door, or the bathroom. Now, you may wonder what are the options available to us to choose from. Basically, there are two types of curtain rods; one is a wooden curtain rod and the other is a metal curtain rod.

In this article, I will discuss which one is best among the two types of curtain rods: wood or metal.

Wooden Curtain Rod 

If you wish to go with a vintage or royal look then wooden curtain rods are the best choice. It gives a fresh and warm feeling and offers a natural environment.

Many people think there are limited choices available to them when they want to choose from the wooden curtain rods. But with the advancement in technology and going with the trend in the interior designs of homes, restaurants, and hotels, there are plenty of options available now. From style to color and to thickness and material of wood there are numerous options available to suit our needs.

The rods are usually made from oak, walnut, and cheery. Sometimes, it is made from bamboo, pine, and mahogany as well. You can also get unfinished wooden poles and customize them according to your need.

The poles also come in a multitude of shades and you can choose from white, cream, light ash, gold, chestnut, antique pine, dark oak, aged-oak, distressed, natural – oak ,dark – walnut, antique –white, and many more.

You can use natural wood finishes in a kid’s room. Bamboo finish is well suited for traditional interiors as it gives an earthy environment and it can complement bohemian décor. For French and flamboyant decor, we can use the natural wood color of the curtain rods. For Asian decor, you can use a cherry or mahogany finish wooden rod.

If you use a cherry color wooden rod then you can contrast the curtain with cool colors like green and blue as it will make the cherry color pop up or else to be on the safer side you can use beige, brown, or even soft red color curtain. Walnut is very sophisticated and has many shades; we can pair dark tones with white color on the wall or the curtain itself.

The rods have a plethora of thicknesses to choose from and can range from 28 mm in diameter to 50 mm in diameter. It can be used in small windows to large windows. Thicker rods look more vibrant, so try to use them in your interior design.

The most interesting thing about wooden curtain rods is that they can hold heavy curtains very well.

Advantages of Wooden Curtain Rods 

·        Since wood comes from the tress, the rods are eco-friendly.

·        It is durable and can be used for a long time.

·        It can be styled with any material.

·        It gives a natural environment.

Disadvantages of Wooden Curtain Rods 

·        If there are too many wooden materials in the interior, then it might give a monotonous look if you use wooden curtain rods.

·        Woods doesn’t like moisture so during the rainy season they might change their size and become big.

·        Upon the slightest scratch, it might distort the finish and you have re-varnish it which is not easy.

·        Some good woods are expensive which many of us cannot afford though there are other options available to choose from.

Metal Curtain Rods 

If you want something in modern and chic style, then metal curtain rods are great. Metal curtain rods break the monotony of using wooden curtain rods and are available in various types. It offers an eye-catching moment when contrasted with wooden furniture. The metals mostly used in making these metal rods are iron, steel, nickel, chrome, brass, etc. We can also mix the metals and customize them according to our needs.  

The finials used along with curtain rods come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. As we know metals are malleable we can also adjust the length of the length.

The basic sizes that are offered in the market are 28-48 inches, 48-84 inches, 66-120 inches, and 120-170 inches which caters to almost every window size. Although, it is recommended to use adjustable metal rods.

The finials come in various geometric shapes from round to square and rectangle to curved rods which adds an aesthetic value to the interiors.

Metal finishes coordinate well with formal interiors, hence you can use them in offices, restaurants and hotels. We can also use it in bohemian or eclectic décor as it creates a creative hue to the environment. Brass curtain rods are classy and go well with golden interiors whereas brushed stainless rod coordinates well with grey shade. A Wrought iron curtain rod with curved finials works well with any type of interior.

Advantages of Metal Rods 

·        Metals being malleable, the rods can be molded in any length of your choice.

·        It offers strength and durability. Iron offers exceptional strength and durability.

·        It will give you a contemporary look to the interior environment.

Disadvantages Of Metal Rods 

·        We cannot use heavy curtains with metal rods because they are hollow inside, hence it requires a lot of accessories and thus it can add to your budget.

·        If you want to wish iron then it will rust with time and you have to replace it.

·        Metallic rods may not be used in every kind of interior setting but wood can be used in every kind of interior design and therefore you need to be careful while choosing the curtain rods.

Where we can purchase these types of curtain rods? 

The curtain rods can be bought online from the eCommerce sites like Amazon. It can also be purchased from drapery stores that are nearby your location. Here is the 10 Best Curtain Rods List.

You may choose any kind of curtain rod but you should always check the quality of the curtain rod and pre-decide your requirement before purchasing.

A few tips while purchasing curtain rods are the weight of the curtain should be kept in mind, whether you are buying the curtain rod for your window, door, or bathroom, the interior décor of your home, the color of the curtain, and the color of your interior.

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